Viva Guerrilla Knitting!



2 thoughts on “Viva Guerrilla Knitting!

  1. I was noticing a cover of yarnbombing in GP (Två Dagar) but I don´t believe that work was made by the Gothenburg Guerilla. But from reading, my eyes were opened for this art and I found some in Avenyn. Very nice decoration of the streets! I will try and find as many as possible of the ones in this blog. But where is this one from (Viva)? Since it´s such a dark picture I can´t possibly locate it.

    • Thanks! The yarnbombs you linked here are indeed not ours – but we were happy to come across quite a few other yarnbombs in Gothenburg.
      Viva is on Berzeliigatan – actually it’s the Italian restaurant “Vivaldi”.
      We have a flickr account too – many pictures there have a little street map. That might be helpful for you. But some of the pieces might have disappeared in the meantime…

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